Silver Leaf is an ideal way to add a touch of luxury to all your special cakes and puddings. Try adding tiny flakes of silver leaf to champagne for a sophisticated drink that truly sparkles, or make a memorable breakfast by stirring silver leaf through homemade marmalade. You could even use it to gild the turkey on Christmas day. Silver leaf is edible and can be used in the same way, as a beautiful surface decoration for special occasions bringing a decadent touch to your chocolates, desserts, drinks and sugar pieces. Brush the surface of your icing, chocolate, sugar work or other food surface with a paintbrush lightly dampened with cooled, boiled water or Edible Glue. Allow the area to become tacky before attempting to transfer the leaf. It is advisable to protect other areas to prevent accidental transfer of leaf. You may also wish to use tweezers to pick up the silver leaf as it is delicate to handle.

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