Who We Are

Keemlaw has been in the Catering Equipment Industry for over 50 years.  Maintaining a family-owned business and our location are the key elements to our success, building a reputation for quality and excellence.


Today, Keemlaw is a manufacturer and supplier of catering equipment to both the commercial and domestic markets in the South East.  We have found being a local supplier is important to our customers.  We help them to reduce their environmental impact because the products we manufacture have not travelled halfway around the world.

A Keemlaw customer will benefit from our unique multi-material workshop; we design and build using the best material to meet the brief, whether it’s building a commercial kitchen, front of house operation or ventilation system.  Our face-to-face customer service ensures we produce the customer’s ideal catering solution.

We supply the complete mix of catering equipment and products, which includes celebration and party items, through retail premises.  So whether you need to stock a restaurant, or are a professional chef, caterer or arranging a birthday celebration, Keemlaw caters for you.

To learn more about the services we provide, give us a call on 01622 717177 where one of the team will be able to help further.